Pool Service

Schedule Your Phoenix Pool Service With Us

Frustrated with having your pool guy come to service your pool one day, only to have your landscaper follow him and blow grass in your pool? We have a solution that will keep your backyard looking great all week! Phoenix Landscaping and Pools has teamed with one of the most respected pool service providers in the state to keep your yard looking great all week! Contact us for more details.


Now offering Pebble Tech and Plaster Repair Services

Chemical check – you are comfortable with your pool equipment and maintenance, just want to double check your chemical readings and double check the equipment (backwashing your sand or D.E. filter is included)

Repairs – leaks, noises, doesn’t work like it did before, my dog attacked the automatic cleaner, or just don’t know what happened! We offer a full range of repair services:

-Filters: Sand Changes
-DE Cleanouts
-In-floor Systems
-Automatic Pool Cleaners
-Summer Tune-ups
-Calcium Removal
-Green Pool Clean-up
-Vacation service

Education & Consulting

Education is not just for new pool owners. It is great for DIY’ers or just seasonal reminders (maybe your pool or kids grew up over the winter.)

2 hour introduction/explanation to your pool includes:

-Explanation of your specific pool equipment
-Labeling of valves, piping and equipment
-Check current pool chemistry
-Check pool chemicals on hand
-Suggest maintenance schedule for your pool & equipment
-Inspections – Our swimming pool inspection service provides:
-Visual inspection of swimming pool structure and equipment
-Recommendations for maintenance and repairs
-24-point written report including pool, equipment, pool area, and safety issues
-Written report available on site at time of inspection
-Quick appointment scheduling (usually within 2-3 days)
-Suggestions on specialty products or pool equipment upgrades that will make your pool easier to maintain. This assessment is based on your specific pool. (For example, automatic chlorinators work well on many pools, but not all pools will benefit from this feature. Additionally, with the multitude of automatic chlorinators available, which one is suited for your specific back yard?)