Desert gardeners face conditions that would challenge any gardener: less than ten inches of rainfall annually; rocky or caliche (clay) soil with few nutrients; extremes of temperature and weather; and, oh, a bit of wind. This article was written for the Arizona area, however the principles apply to most of the deserts in the Southwest.

Desert gardeners reap benefits which gardeners in the north yearn for. Long growing seasons mean active gardening for nine to twelve months of the year. Semi-tropical plants survive in protected areas. An assortment of flowers, grasses, cacti, shrubs, vegetables and trees thrive in this environment, providing exciting design ideas for a desert gardens.


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“Low-upkeep” and “lawn” rarely appear in the same sentence. For most homeowners, the ideal front lawn is green and neat as a Christmas tree. But keeping this lush look demands sacrifice. Do you spend hours seeding, fertilizing, watering, weeding, mowing, de-thatching, and aerating to present a public face of perfect turf? Who needs the hassle?

More people are turning to less-care lawns. Across the West, where water is at a premium and water bills are pricey, low-upkeep lawns are already treasured. Instead of traditional, thirsty turf grass, people rely on beautiful drought-tolerant native ground covers, flowers, shrubs, and trees that require little or no watering to survive. This landscaping approach, called Xeriscaping, can be applied by anyone anywhere who wants an attractive, environmentally friendly landscape.

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